Battling Botulism

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Marty learns many things on his quest to confront Mr. Meat. One of those things is why you shouldn’t leave food out for long periods of time. It gives bacteria like botulism the opportunity to invade your leftovers.

Open Up, Mr. Dumb Waiter

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Marty speaks with Mr. Dumb Waiter

Marty speaks with Mr. Dumb Waiter

Work continues on the Pilot Episode.
Here are two screenshots of Marty meeting with Mr. Dumb Waiter and being transported to the Intergalactic Bathroom.

Marty enters the room and approaches a small DUMB WAITER.

Open up, Mr. Dumb Waiter. I must
visit the Intergalactic Bathroom.

The Dumb Waiter opens and Marty climbs inside.

How rude.

The Dumb Waiter launches into outer space with Marty inside.

Mr. Dumb Waiter travels to the Intergalactic Bathroom

Mr. Dumb Waiter travels to the Intergalactic Bathroom

Urinals in Space

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Intergalactic Bathroom Teaser

Work on Marty continues.
Above is a shot from the Intergalactic Bathroom where Marty converses with the all-knowing Seers.

Detective Work

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Marty Script Wordle — Click for large version

So you’ve seen the Marty preview and maybe you are a little curious about the story premise of the pilot episode. Fear not my friends, using the powers of, I have created the above image to give you hints. It is a software-generated piece of art composed of the most-recurring words from the script. The larger the word, the more often it appears in the script. Obviously, the word ‘Marty’ plays a pretty big role. Click the image to see a larger version and let your imagination run wild.

Preview on YouTube

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What the title says, the preview video is also on YouTube now for those of you who prefer it.


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Are you hip to the trends of the 21st century? Yes? Then, you must be a Facebook user since everyone and (literally) their grandma is using it these days. Well, The Many Maladies of Marty Mitchell is no different. We have one of those new-fangled fan pages. You can join Marty’s fan page on Facebok by clicking

Preview Storyboards

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First storyboard

Have you watched the preview posted below? No? Why not? Go do it now. I’ll wait. Done? Okay. Curious what the storyboarding process was like for that opening sequence? No? Humor me.

Click the image above and you can take a gander at the boarded sequence.

Watch the Open

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Many Maladies Preview 1 – WIP from Fourchinnigan on Vimeo.

After a long multi-month Marty drought, I finally began compositing and animating the show. This is the prologue and open for the pilot of “The Many Maladies of Marty Mitchell.” I am still compositing and animating the rest of the episode. It will be a while before it is all completed, but I’ll continue to update this journal with storyboards, character images, more video excerpts, and anything else that may be interesting. Feel free to share this video or site with anyone you think may enjoy it.

Chinny Studios

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Marty Shoot Image

I have been putting together a short children’s program for a few months now called “The Many Maladies of Marty Mitchell.” It’s an educational show about a young boy who lives in a land of illustrations and animated creatures. He constantly causes problems and has to remedy them, learning along the way. I’m creating a short (~15 min.) test/pilot I intend to shop around. The last few months have included writing, boarding, scheduling, and all of the other aspects of preproduction for a tiny no-budget short.

Last weekend, we finally shot it. With help from a few friends, we converted my living room and loft into a greenscreen studio. Erika’s nephew played the main role and we spent Saturday shooting. Luckily I was able to borrow a quality camera and a few P2 cards. The crew donated their time, as did the actors.

Steps left:

voice acting, illustrating, animating, editing, keying, compositing, scoring, outputting
I’m hoping to have it ready some time this summer.

Here’s to many more low-budget productions throughout the year.
Many thanks to all who have helped and will help.
I hope I am a tolerable director/producer.

Marty Shoot Image
Marty Shoot Image
Marty Shoot Image
Marty Shoot Image
Marty Shoot Image
Marty Shoot Image
Marty Shoot Image

Living Room Before and After Below:

Living Room Greenscreen Studio
Living Room Greenscreen Studio