Meet the various folks who populate the world of
The Many Maladies of Marty Mitchell.


Marty Mitchell

Marty Mitchell:
played by Cristian Naranjo

Our intrepid hero. Marty is constantly getting into jams. With help from his friends and his will to learn, Marty overcomes every obstacle.



Avery AppleAvery Apple:
voiced by Yuri Lowenthal

The bravest of apples. Avery is a young, but charismatic Fridge Lander. He is a strong leader and hero to many of his friends.



Dr. EnzymeDr. Enzyme:
voiced by Jon Gormley

The brightest enzyme. Dr. Enzyme doesn’t just aid in digestion, he makes sure everyone knows just how important he and his enzymes can be. He is a no-nonsense protein who never lets a friend down.



voiced by Erika Terriquez

The adorable dairy product. Lactose is Marty’s closest friend and confidant.




King PickleKing Pickle:
voiced by Michael Dowell

The Royal Preserve. It is true that King Pickle is a bit of a bumbler always finding himself in trouble, but he means well and adores all of the Fridge Landers in his kingdom. He thinks Marty is the best.



Mr. Dumb WaiterMr. Dumb Waiter:
voiced by Fourchinnigan

The mobile sour-puss. Reliable, but grumpy—Mr. Dumb Waiter transports Marty to the far reaches of the universe. He is the fastest dumb waiter around.



Missy MelonMissy Melon:
voiced by Erika Terriquez

The negative Nancy. Missy worries a lot and jumps to conclusions. She can make everyone around her anxious, but she would sacrifice anything to save the other Fridge landers. She loves them all more than they can imagine.



Captain SquashCaptain Squash:
voiced by Fourchinnigan

The senile hero. Yes, he forgets everything and repeats himself constantly, but Captain Squash is the most valiant gourd to ever grace Fridge Land. He was the most decorated hero in “The Great Ketchup War.”



Bartholomew BacteriaBartholomew Bacteria:
voiced by Fourchinnigan

The infectious friend. Sure, Bartholomew is a deadly pathogen, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a great friend. Knowledgeable and helpful, Bart is the best bacteria around.



Freddy FoodstuffFreddy Foodstuff:
voiced by Jon Gormley

The consumable cowboy. Freddy not only loves digestion, he loves to be digested. He is very  happy to tell you how it works—from food to poop— along the way.



Miley Maggot

Miley Maggot:
voiced by Alessandra Naranjo

The grinning grub. Just because Miley is gross doesn’t mean she isn’t cute. Maggots are super helpful, just ask her.



Mr. Meat

Mr. Meat:
voiced by Fourchinnigan, Adrian &  Alessandra Naranjo, and Julian Gomez

The megalomaniacal meat. Mr. Meat is rotten and  wants to be king.




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